CRAFTY CLEAR OUT EVENING – Friday 13th March 2020

Are you looking to come to a Crafty Clear Out Evening? Great, carry on reading!


Crafters are hoarders (I hear a bit of resistance there, face it we all!); they have to be, because supplies are expensive. So we collect and store until such time we get around to making what ever project we had in mind.

Sometimes we do, but we didn’t enjoy the process as much as we thought we would, so we shove the supplies, equipment, etc in cupboards, draws or even that secret place, away from hubby’s eyes, usually behind the sofa or top of wardrobe!

The point of this Evening is to let your stash work for you! 
Don’t let your unwanted stash gather dust no more! Let someone else make use of it if they can. It’s not about giving someone else your stash for nothing or even making a profit, it’s about circulating supplies we have accumulated, and for others to either swop with you, or buy from you what you don’t need any more. Hopefully, we can also encourage newbies who want to have ago at a new craft or arty endeavour.

One thing I have learnt, that if you hold on to things and don’t use them within a least a year, you rarely go back to them for years, and they end up one day at a boot fair or binned. Others could utilise that stash meanwhile, and you could gain from it too!

The Date & Venue

Friday 13th March 2020.

HIVE Coffee and Night Cafe,

17 High Street, Old Town,

Hemel Hempstead.

Opposite White Hart Pub.

Monthly Knitting/Crafty Evening run by Amanda.
You might also be interested in our monthly knitting come crafty evening. At present we have on the last Friday of each month a knitting come crafty evening run by the lovely Amanda, where those who enjoy meeting up and making something, whilst talking, and enjoying coffee, cake or even Crepes! Oh, and there are some nice delights here every Friday Night!

Therefore, I hope we can also introduce these Crafty Clear Out evenings on a regular evening to compliment the groups night, if there is enough people to do it with, that is!

How much is it going to cost?
ALL those who attend will be expected to support this lovely family run coffee shop which will be the venue for the evening, by purchasing a beverage & at least a nice slice of cake. This is subject to change though, so make the most of it while you can!

Sound Like a Plan?
First thing is first then, you need to contact me and register your intention, be it Swopper, Buyer or just Selling, telling me your name and email address and, if you are interested in anything in particular, which I can circulate to those who need to …

Sort that Stash!
For those who have stash, you will need to sort out in to clear bags, either as bulk, set or individual. You may think well I don’t have anything?

You will be surprised what could be useful to someone else’s project. For example: Buckles, who wants buckles? I have lots of buckles, but someone might be knitting a bag, and want a buckle to close it up, or someone might want a buckle for a belt, and I could go on but you see where I am coming from.

Sometimes the things we buy and don’t use, or even reclaimed items can be useful to a crafter. If there is something in particular you are looking for, do let me know when you register, I then can pass that around to the other crafters.

More examples: Sewing stuff, Fabric, Wool, Paints, equipment such weaving frames, etc. If you have something that no longer serves you, deStash it!

Bag ‘n Tag

What you will need:

Clear snap Poly bags or zip up Freezer bags depending on the size of items. (Poundland, The Range, Wilkos etc)

Address Labels – (Aldi, The Range, Wilkos etc.) cut in half they are good for putting your name at top, what the item is if not obvious such as lengths, quantity, and price.

A Box Plastic Storage Box 24 Litre about 24cm H x 32cm W x 42cm D to put all items in when at HIVE.


Bag, Label & Box Examples:

Labelling Examples

Bring To Evening

(Remember to Register your attendance via the Email Form!)

Look forward to seeing you!