The Yellow Wallpaper

At the end of October, I was approached by Sarah Priddy, who is part of the cast and production team of “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Based on the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Sarah had seen my art work on the HVAF website and contacted me, asking if I would be interested in exhibiting two particular images she had seen on my page, as they would add to the feminine theme of the play.

I am happy to say I accepted the invitation and my next exhibition, is at the Maltings Arts Theatre, in St. Albans.  Three are actually going to be displayed, in conjunction with the showing of the play.

Before I get to the details, here is a brief outline of this interesting sounding production directed by Sarah Ferdinands.

When a struggling artist falls for a charismatic doctor who seems to have their life well under control, she doesn’t realise just how quickly her life will be controlled too.

With her creative freedom suppressed by maternal struggles, shame and isolation, she discovers a secret way to escape her unbearable life: an obsession which tragically leads her out of her mind.

Combining the original text with relatable new writing, OVO presents a bold, modern interpretation of the cult short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

If you are interesting in going a few tickets are still available.

DATES: 21st -23rd November 2019 @ 8pm

Maltings Arts Threatre, St. Albans
Tickets: £13.50/£11/£7.50  All tickets are unreserved and you can buy them online here or in person from St, Albans Library up the stairs (above Wilko).

Parking: Maltings Shopping Centre Car Park.

The theatre is on Level 2. Life and Stairs available.