“African Eye” Copper Pendant with Leather Cord Necklace


Hand crafted Hammered Copper Pendant with Watermelon Tourmaline and Opal Gemstone Beads, Leather Cord Necklace and Copper Fastening.


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“African Eye” is a Copper pendant with Gemstones and leather cord necklace.

This piece is entirely hand crafted and consists of a hammered copper pendant design with Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone, White Opal Gemstone and silver coloured beads attached with copper wire. My inspiration for making this pendant came from a recent visit to South Africa, and when turned on it’s side it looks like an eye.

The size of this piece is approximately 6cm (2 1/2 in) in length x 3.2cm (1 1/4 in) in width.

The copper which is bare, was formed into shape then hammered,  attached to the frame is 9 Watermelon Tourmaline gemstone beads, 1 Mexican Opal and 3 silver coloured beads. Its is attached via a hand made copper O Ring then secured to a light weight, black leather cord with a handmade copper fastening clasp. The length of the cord is approx. 44cm (17 in).

Please Note: This is a Bare Copper Pendant which although hammered can be subject to distortion with excessive handling. Also, if you wear any copper jewellery for any length of time, it can leave a black mark on your skin. Don’t worry it’s not harmful it’s the copper reacting with sweat on your skin, it’s just annoying. To prevent this, do not leave on for more than a day. You can also wash your copper in soapy water to get off any surface oxidisation. Rinse with clean water and dry the pendant gently with a soft cloth. Polish your copper pendant to maintain the pink colour and shine. Do this every time you see the colour darkening. Prepare a cup of lemon juice and add a dash of salt.  For more information please visit here:

Gift boxes are also available if you wish to send this gorgeous hand-made Hammered Copper Beaded Pendant set direct to the recipient.

Larger sized cords are also available, as is more intricate designs if you wish to bespoke a gift, please contact me with more information on what you would like.

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